Hiya and welcome,

I’m Kristina. I’m a middle aged, working on becoming less introverted, lady.

There is nothing special or unique or exceptional about me. I’m a geeky nerd with crazy hair and a severe astigmatism.

I’m ordinary. Enjoy reading, of late mostly romance; old movies, black & white, Star Wars/Star Trek, Bond and Ronin eg.; fashion, dresses and shoes and tights and hats; my grandmacore house, organized chaos and velvet and knickknacks. I love libraries and used bookstores – there’s just something about their smell and aura that tickles me and makes me happy. And nothing makes me OoooOOo as much as a paper goods store with calligraphy pens and notebooks. Well, maybe a bogo shoe sale, but still, look notecards! I’m a not so closet romantic and don’t tend to take myself seriously, though I take many things seriously. 😊

Sometimes we just have things to say and the wonderful thing about the evolution of the internet is we can get things out. This is a sort of journaling I suppose. I haven’t any idea how often or how much or even what I’m going to write about or post, but I do hope to share it. Something on the record. I’ve often been told I have a very unique way of speaking and writing, so maybe that’s a good thing. Who knows. If you happen to read along while I write, maybe you can let me know.

I’m happy to hear about others lives and maybe you have things you’d like to share with me too. I think I give excellent advice.

Spread joy, there simply isn’t enough of it.

And bear with me, I have no idea how any of this works. x