Christmas Eve Eve (dump)

Hello, loves.

I’m only here to post a couple of rough and just out of my head poems. Or ramblings. Or jigsaw pieces of my brain. Either way I clearly love repetition. I think that might be my design brain, the symmetry of spaces, but I can analyse that another day.

Have a beautiful Christmas. And I’ll try to conjure myself to do more again in the New Year.

And if you read this, anyone reads this, from anywhere, know that I love you and you are loved and whatever life brings it is but a moment that folds into the pocket of your heart; expanding it evermore.


The days get longer from here on out. Or so you say.

The days get warmer from this day forward. Or so you say.

The dark gives over to light. Or so you say.

My heart turns over beats for you. Or so you say.

You say I’m yours. Show me.

You say I’m a saviour. Show me.

You burn for me. Show me.

You say time stands still together. Show me.

I’ll show you. So you say.


Crack it open
Make it bleed

Crack it open
Make it wheeze 

Mind the wound
It hurts to touch

Mind the wound
My bounds are cut

Take the pain
Can you hear it call
Take the pain
Can you hold it near

Crack it open
Get the glue

Crack it open
Get at the heart

Crack it open
I fell apart

Bind my heart 

K/ xx

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