breathless with want …

You press me down to the mattress and help me roll over. My panties are at my knees, my bra is only unhooked, it loosely dangling across my chest, garters, and only one stocking. My hands are bound. I should feel mortified that I’m on display this way. That my lipstick is surely smudged and my eyes damp and liner running. That I look thoroughly debauched in the middle of a day. I do not.

Because I can see how turned on you are too. How perspired your forehead is. How your own hand trembles as you push hair away from my face. I smile. Your hand caresses through the valley of my breasts, down the slope of my not flat tummy to the place we know I’m most warm. Your finger parts me. I’m wet and slightly sticky from my own desire. “I was right. Your cunt is soft and warm and I can’t wait to bury myself inside you.” Of their own volition, my hips rock and your fingers crook to find that truly magic spot inside me. I want to touch you properly but can’t. I push up a little to catch your jaw, kiss, and try to capture your mouth. Your head bends a little to meet me, “no fighting me.” And I’m lost to kisses and the wicked fingers making me slick and tingly.

I’m still shaking a little and wild wanting you to ride me. Your fingers leave my cunt and you bring them to me to lick. Once licked clean you move that hand to necklace around my own neck. Exhorting no pressure, just holding. I gasp and keen. Your other hand grips your cock and looks at me, “shh shh, I’m ready. Patience.”

And then you’re pushing inside and I’m meeting your hips as they meet mine to take all of you. So good. It feels so good. My legs wrap around your waist and you slump onto me a little, not moving. “Don’t make any of those noises until it tells you to or I’ll lose it before I’m ready. Understood?” I nod emphatically. I’m praised with a warm kiss. My tied arms ache but it’s a good ache. The slight pain makes the rest of it feel so euphoric. It makes it feel so much better. A hand digging into my hip again holds me wide as you make a fast and relentless rhythm above me. I can look down the length of our torsos as you work your cock into me. I’m trying very hard not to make too many noises but at the sight of that I gasp loudly and I know I won’t last much longer. Catching my gaze, the grip on my neck loosens and you work to roll me a little to smack my ass. That’s it. I don’t need any more.

“I … oh please. Let me go. I’m going to come.”

Your hips work feverishly against my own. The sheen of sweat on us both smelled of skin and sex. And I can’t even localise the sensation, I don’t know if I can or want to; waves wash over me and I know I shudder longer and harder than I ever have before, the tie of my stocking chafing me as I try to work it free. And no request to be quiet now would ever work.  Grunting into my neck you bite down and come hard, shoving deep, I feel bent in two.




I barely notice when you roll us to our sides and tangle your legs with mine and reach to undo the stocking. You bring my hands to my sides and massage and soothe any immediate aches. We’re tired and chilled but kiss for a long time after. It was kinky and sexy and sweet. The sun streams in through a gauzy curtain. Midday. I can’t wait to be made a good girl again.


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