Once in a Lifetime

Once in a lifetime. 

You never saw your power. You never saw your strength. You didn’t even hide it. You didn’t know it was there. 

You took the crumbs that others gave you. Thanked them for their time. You were so kind in turn you knew no other way. 

You didn’t see the smiles that you left inside a room. You didn’t hear the whispers calling your name. You couldn’t know your loveliness, you’d thought it lost along the way. 

Your flaming halo head you didn’t know attractive. You never believed the fan of its flame. No one told you you were adored and felt it to your soul. 

Mark my words you were blinded by the fog placed inside your head. You spoke so softly you weren’t sure you conversed outside your head. 

You’d forgotten the fundamental you. The joy of your heart. You will speak your dreams into existence. You will soar high and shine like a diamond. 

You are once in a lifetime. This one time. For someone, their all time. Your time is now. 

Once in a lifetime. 

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